Scared Vows' mission is to provide couples with the skills, insight, and education they need to cultivate healthy relationships and increase marital satisfaction. Multiple studies have shown that there is a positive correlation between marital satisfaction and marriage longevity. Premarital counseling is an important tool to combat that as premarital counseling has proven to significantly reduce the rate of divorce. Sacred Vows was created to empower couples, help them grow stronger together, and create lasting marriages. 

On a personal note....

LeNieca Venzant, Premarital Counselor

My name is LeNieca and I am a Certified Premarital Counselor, Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), and Ceremonial Minister. I recognized my passion for working with couples and supporting their growth early in my career. I obtained my bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida and my master's degree in Social Work from Florida State University. I served as a Medical Service Officer in the United States Army before I relocated to Atlanta, Ga.


I have plenty of experience working with people from different backgrounds and beliefs and know how to connect with people on a personnel level. I understand that every couple is unique and faces different challenges, which is why it is important for me to develop a real connection with every couple I work with. I want to ensure that the couples I work with are comfortable enough to open up, gain an understanding of their relationships, and make real progress.  

Aside from helping couples grow deeper in their love, I enjoy spending time with my family. My husband and I have been together for nearly a decade, and we have an amazing little girl together. I understand that being in a committed relationship can be challenging, but my husband and I choose each other. We made a commitment to each other; to learn together and grow more in love each day. I want to help couples learn to do the same. I believe that love is a sacred connection between two people and should be treated as such.  

LeNieca Venzant